14 Best Yards This Spring In Lafayette For Under 250k

Dated: 03/06/2016

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Something simple and modern for a garden design is already too common and most people have already used this theme for their gardens, so if you really want to create a garden for maximizing your outdoor area because you have larger space there, why do not you just try another theme to be your garden design and theme, like unusual garden ideas. The variety and visual interest of a garden will be provided by both growing plants and ornaments and the visual interest can be combined with the plants by your garden and here the unusual methods can be used so that your plants can be raised. Even the focal point of your garden can also be created by the methods mentioned rather than the backdrop.

The first one of unusual garden ideas here is the fairy garden which is from the title we must expect something cute, different, unique, beautiful and full of the fantasy at the same time and you will find that the flowers like chamomile or baby’s breath is combined with tiny garden ornaments. The purpose of this garden creating is to design a garden so that it is like a home and yard for the imaginary fairies and there will be some plants that will be preferred by fairies to stay. The types of plants like strawberries, poppies, pansies, thyme, petunias, daylilies, iris, lavender, rosemary, and parsley will be interesting for butterflies and where there are butterflies exist, so the fairies will come to the same spot.

One of good unusual garden ideas which is simpler to be done that the younger gardeners will be provided with a clubhouse of their own right inside a garden will be provided by the bean tepee idea. Four bamboo stakes into pyramid shape can be tied to create the bean tepees garden design and two bean seeds can be planted next to each stale so they will be allowed to grow upright. The tepee will as soon as possible be covered by the bean vines and the vegetables and flowers are started to be produced here.

Good Unusual Garden Ideas

The Perfect Unusual Garden Ideas

The next one of the unusual garden ideas is strawberry barrel and if you have no enough space for planting this kind of plant, they can be grown vertically in planting holes that you make in the sides of fifty five gallon of containers. Thirty pints of strawberries can be obtained when between forty and fifty plants are grown in one fifty five gallon barrel.

Make Unusual Garden Ideas

Unusual Garden Ideas Tips

The concentric rings of holes can be made around the outside of the barrel and the perforated about four inches in diameter PVC pipe can be sink into the center of the barrel and the strawberry can be inserted in the each hole filled in the barrel. This can be continued up to the barrel is filled completely.

Find Unusual Garden Ideas

Have Unusual Garden Ideas

There are some unusual garden ideas that can be suggested here and these tips and ideas can be practiced by you if you really desire for having a garden with the unique design but it can still be beautiful and attractive. Be different in making your garden because it means that your house is more special than the other house’s garden. Good luck in making your own unique beautiful garden then.



1,200 Sqr Feet


$495 /mo

912 E Alexander Street Lafayette


2,461 Sqr Feet


$715 /mo

110 Darrel Street Lafayette


1,487 Sqr Feet

3 beds + 2 baths + 1,487 sqft

102 Iron Wood Way Lafayette Reduced


1,685 Sqr Feet


$854 /mo

108 Saint Margarite Lafayette Golf Course


1,567 Sqr Feet


$525 /mo

111 Abilene Lane Lafayette


1,625 Sqr Feet


$929 /mo

117 S Fork Drive Youngsville


1,426 Sqr Feet


$643 /mo

501 St Girons Drive Lafayette


1,605 Sqr Feet


$982 /mo

513 Verot, # 8 Lafayette


2,163 Sqr Feet


$787 /mo

800 Dulles Lafayette


1,574 Sqr Feet


$647 /mo

400 Ducote Broussard Reduced


1,891 Sqr Feet


$855 /mo

113 Wild Rose Lane Youngsville


1,486 Sqr Feet


$762 /mo

210 Woodbury Drive Lafayette


1,964 Sqr Feet


$930 /mo

204 Brookhaven Drive Youngsville


1,750 Sqr Feet


$1,010 /mo

136 Templeton Lafayette


2,176 Sqr Feet


$1,006 /mo

206 Bellemont Drive Lafayette Just Listed


1,877 Sqr Feet


$683 /mo

107 Jace Carencro Just Listed


1,480 Sqr Feet


$725 /mo

113 Bermuda Circle Scott


1,258 Sqr Feet

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